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The object of this registered charity is to preserve items of underwater history and place these on display at museums for the education of the public.

The Underwater Heritage Trust was formed in 1993 following the discovery of a British and Italian human torpedo like many wartime relics just rusting away.


In desperate need of renovation, we raised the substantial funds to restore these important historical underwater submersibles. Completely restored to their former glory these two machines are on display for the education and benefit of the public.

We were given an original Sladen Suit and that is on display with our human torpedoes at Eden Camp Museum, Malton, North Yorkshire.

We had a working human torpedo built by a factory in Milton Keynes and every so often gives displays in lakes or harbours. We attend exhibitions involved with an underwater theme and organise speakers.

The men in the human torpedo story were pioneers requiring a 6 hour supply of air and a flexible rubber suit they broke new barriers as the forerunner to the modern frogman. We have details of the breathing apparatus used during 1939 to 1946.

The surviving Italian and British veterans supplied their personal wartime experiences that have been recorded for prosperity. A huge collection of naval documents concerning this virtually unknown story together with hundreds of photographs have been put on display at Eden Camp Museum for you to experience.

A book titled “Chariots of War” can be purchased through our website.

After the war diving became a science, the aqualung arrived and sports diving became popular. The underwater camera brought the virtually unknown underwater world into your living room.  It seems only natural to extend our display to cover the history of diving.

Underwater history covers the huge range of submersibles and their inventors. The experiences of men who work beneath the waves and the amateur divers who dive for pleasure together with the specialist equipment that allows them into another world.

We are currently looking for items of underwater interest to enhance our display. If you can help please contact us.

The Underwater Heritage Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1019357 and our membership is free because we hope you will produce renovation projects or assist with a current venture.

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